Ultimate Cordless Trimmer

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Always wanted a beautiful yard but never achieved it because of a stubborn old weed wacker that is full of hassle. Firing up that traditional trimmer is such a pain in the ass and taking you forever to finish!

Now there’s Ultimate Cordless Trimmer – the portable trimmer that fits in your pocket and takes off like a rocket! I bet you’ve never seen like this before. It snips unwanted weed growth easier and faster. It works so simply. Just zip on any standard zip tie, flip the switch and trim! You can also screw the Ultimate Cordless Trimmer onto its lightweight retractable pole and get all of your clean-up works done in seconds!


  • The Ultimate Cordless Trimmer got all the RPM power of a traditional trimmer
  • Portable and handy. The Zip Trim will always be there when you need it!
  • Works with any standard size zip ties
  • Comes with a lightweight extension pole for those hard to reach areas and;
  • A debris shield to ensure your safety

Package includes: Powerful Zip Trim, Lightweight Extension Pole, Protective Debris Shield,24 Custom Zip Ties

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for expensive gas trimmers that are troublesome. With Ultimate Cordless Trimmer, no messy electrical cables are required. The secret is taking all the RPM power of a traditional trimmer and shrinking it down to the palm of your hand. It can even cut through woods! You’ll never need to get up the risk ladder. The lightweight extension pole allows you to trim those hard to reach places where grooming is needed.

Don’t waste your time and energy on that plugin trimmer where you can do all your cutting jobs with a handy and powerful Ultimate Cordless Trimmer! It will definitely give you clean precision results every time. Wait no more and get yours NOW!