Toilet Basketball

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Normally people will read the newspaper or a book on the toilet but why not play basketball?

That's right, this mini slam-dunk set it made for the bathroom! It includes a basketball net that goes on the back of the door, 3 basketballs, and a mat for around the toilet and a ball holder for by the toilet. The best way to pass the time is trying to get 3 slam-dunks; the only thing you'll be missing is the cheering crowd! The basketball net and basketball holder come attached with suckers so that they can be placed on the walls easily.

This is the perfect gift for sports lovers or anyone you know who likes to spend a while on the throne!

Dimensions: 12*12*26cm

Package Included:

  • 3x mini basketballs
  • 1x Ball Holder
  • 1x Net
  • 1x Floor Mat