Breastfeeding Pillow

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  • Easily slides over mom's forearm to provide the ultimate support for baby.
  • Fits inside most large diaper bags and can be used anywhere.
  • Positions baby in a way that reduces gas and reflux.
  • Dads love The Nursie too! It makes bottles feeding a breeze.

This pillow can be wrapped around the arm. Then the soft pillow can protect moms arm and baby head. 
The size can be adjusted, so you can use it in all seasons even the winter. 
Breathable soft lining. The Velcro use slip surface design,it will not hurt skin 
Exquisite unique pattern, washable wearable no deformation 
It also can be placed in bed as a common pillow. 

Color:  Frank red / red porcelain / yellow Chinese rose / peacock blue / colorful
Material: Cotton
Product size:  Approx.23*48cm

1 x Arm Pillow