LED USB Clock Fan

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Cool off in style with an LED Fan that also functions as a unique clock as it spins! Simply plug it into any USB port! It is 100% SAFE to use, with soft blades that will not hurt if accidentally touched while spinning. The flexible metal build allows you to turn and position the fan in any direction and at any height you would like!
Displays the hour, minute, and seconds, and always keeps the correct time, even when it has been unplugged.
To set time, simply press and hold the on/off switch.
  • Product Length: 40cm
  • Working Volt: 5V
  • Working current: ≤350mA
  • Net Weight: 54g
  • Product length: 40cm
  • Net Weight: 78g/2.7oz
  • Fan Diameter: 88mm
How to set time:
1.Plug the fan into a USB port and press the button to turn fan on and to activate the clock display.
2.Press and hold the button until the minute hand starts blinking then release.
3.When blinking,press and hold the button until the clock hands start to rotate and release when you reach the desired time.
4.To make small changes,Press the"SET" button once for each minutes.
5.The time will be automatically saved in after 6 seconds no activity.
6. After the first time setting, it will be remain if power off, no need to set again.