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We have all kinds of cat on the Internet, such as: keyboard cat, grumpy cat, dancing cat, and sad cat, etc. It is amazing how we put cats into these weird categories. Today, meet another cat belonging to the sad cat group, Luhu. Luhu lives in Beijing with her human mom, Maggie Liu, and her various other siblings, but although the cats all share the same parents, Luhu is the only one that looks as sad as she does. We don’t think there’s something that makes Luhu sad, as she has such a big loving family. Maybe it’s just her...

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Cats may be beloved by the internet and our furry friends, but learning their body language and trying to understand their needs is a whole other set of problems people don’t always seem to talk about. Unlike dogs, they can truly be mystifying! We’ve broken down ten common actions and just what they mean so we can talk to our feline family members and make our homes an even happier place! 1. Sprint Jump This one might seem a little scary. Seeing your cat sprint and then jump off places like your couch might be frightening, but the truth is,...

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